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                                                      Professor Jia from Peking University has came to visit CYD as senior technology consultant !!

                                                      Professor Jia from Peking University has came to visit CYD as senior technology consultant !!    |    2016-06-28  |   
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                                                      Left One: GM of CYD, Li Wusong 

                                                      Right One: Professor Jia Xinru

                                                      Resume of Professor Xinru Jia

                                                      1973-1977 Chemisty Department of Peking University

                                                      1977-1993: Teaching assistant, lecturer, Chemisty Department ofPeking University 

                                                      1993-1994 Dopont 

                                                      1994-1995:  Chemisty Department of Drexel

                                                      1996- 2004.8: Associate professor, department of polymer science and engineering, PekingUniversity.

                                                      2004.8-Present: Professor, department of polymer science and engineering,Peking University.


                                                      Organic Chemistry (B)

                                                      Research area and interest:

                                                      1 Study on the synthesis, modification and functional dendritic polymers.

                                                      2 Research on controllable and ordered nano system and materials used dendrimer as structure unit.

                                                      3Dendrimer based biomimetic materials analogues antibody preparation and properties research.

                                                      4  Research on intelligent gene delivery system and drug carrier.

                                                      Representative papers

                                                      1. B. B. Wang, X. Zhang, X. .R. Jia*, Z.C. Li, Y. Ji, L. Yang. Y. WeiFluorescence and Aggregation Behavior of Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers Peripherally Modified with Aromatic Chromophores: The Effect of Dendritic ArchitecturesJ. AM. CHEM. SOC. 2004,126, 15180-15194

                                                      2. L. Yang, Y. F. Luo, X. R. Jia*, Y. Ji, L. P. You, Q. F. Zhou, Y.WeiPreparation of Monodisperse Platinum Nanocrystal Core - Poly(amidoamine) (PAMAM) Dendrimer Shell Structures as Monolayer Films.J. Phys. Chem. B, 2004, 108, 1176 - 1178

                                                      3. Y. F Luo, Y Li X. R Jia*, H.Q Yang, Q. F. Zhou, Y. WeiFabrication of Ag-Nanoparticles-Encapsulating Multilayer Films Based on PAMAM Dendrimers with Covalent Interlayer Linkages Journal of Applied Polymer Science,2003, 89(6), 1515-1519

                                                      4.  J. F.Wang, X..R. Jia*, H. Zhong, Y.F. Luo, X. S. Zhao, W.X.Cao, M.Q. Li and Y. WeiSelf-Assembled Multilayer Films Based on Dendrimers with Covalent Interlayer LinkageChemistry of Materials, 2002, 14(7), 2854-2858

                                                      5. H. Zhong, J. F. Wang, X. R Jia*, Y. Li, Y. Qin, J. Y. Chen, X. S. Zhao, W. X Cao, M. Q Li, Y. WeiFabrication of covalently attached ultrathin films based on dendrimers via H-bonding attraction and subsequent UV irradiationMacromolecular Rapid Communications, 22,583-586, 2001

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